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Late Fall & Early Winter To-Do List

How Many Types of Rakes Do We Stock?

5 Including Snow Rakes!

Suffield Hardware carries tarps of all sizes and patch kits to keep yours going for more.

Life is busy. Before leaves and acorns start dropping be sure to either schedule a pool closing with your service or get some friends together and DIY.

Will you be showcasing mums? Pumpkins? Be sure to transition your annuals to hardier stock.

Screens were great to let the cool summer breeze in. Now it’s time to transition to storm windows and keep the cold winds outside.

Be sure you’ve changed the oil, put fresh gas in the tank and made sure the sheer pins are all in order!

Before the ground freezes be sure to get all your fence posts and masonry work done.

Suffield Hardware carries everything you need to stock your pantry with all manner of home-canned goodness.

Fertilizing before dormancy allows slow release of nutrients to better acclimate your lawn to its soon to be gorgeous self in the spring!

To prevent any sort of erosion problems be sure to keep your soil where it belongs by planting cover crops like oats or winter wheat.

Winter and fall mean increased winds and ice. Trees falling down are inevitable. Make sure you’re ready by having us sharpen your chainsaw!

How Can You Tell If Your Chainsaw Needs Sharpening?
It’s shooting off fine dust rather than chunky shavings

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Enjoying the cooler weather is a joy for most, for others it is a time for arduous leaf raking and last minute projects. Stop on in for advice on how to expedite your tasks!

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Winter is a time of reflection on the prior year. Make a New Years Resolution to be prepared for storms and be ready for all New England can throw at you!

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Spring is a time of new growth. Start the year off right with proper lawn maintenance and plan your garden accordingly.

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With Summer comes the desire to improve the outdoors. Visit our experts to have them set  up an action plan for improving your yard and exterior today! 

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Fall To-Do

As the weather cools, your work around the house should heat up

While thoughts of hayrides, trick-or-treating, and warm apple cider play around in your head, remember that the coldest months of the year are just around the corner. Have you prepared yourself and your home?

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