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Guiding Your Home Out of Hibernation Mode

With the whispers of Spring creeping into New England now is the best time to make sure you start your year off on the right foot. So venture outside and prepare your home and property for the best year yet!

Cast off the tarp covering your trusty lawnmower, check the oil, gas, battery, belts & blades before that first cut. Don’t forget to “Summerize” your snowblower too!

Trim back your perennials, rake out the leaves and get some mulch to really make your garden POP!

Now is the time to come on in to Suffield Hardware and fix any broken screens you might have so that you can open those windows without worry!

Planning your flower or veggie garden is always exciting! Stop on by for the best seeds and gardening tips!

Have the best lawn on the block by following Scott’s Lawn Care System! All products in stock at Suffield Hardware.

April showers bring May flowers but those showers could cause problems around your house if you have ice damaged gutters. Be sure to fix gutters ASAP!

It’s time to start bringing out those warm weather clothes! Be sure to go through all your clothing and donate any unwanted items to save on space. You can also utilize old clothing for rags to use around the house or shop!

Time to begin unpacking your storage facilities for the warm months! Consider holding a tag sale to clean out any unwanted items.

Outdoor furniture can become stained and dingy over time. Consider using a product such as Simple Green or power washing sturdier pieces to bring back their cleanliness.

Be sure to begin budgeting time for all your projects this year. Nothing worse than starting a project in the Spring and scrambling in November to try and get it done before the snow begins to accumulate!