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Suffield Hardware’s resident expert George Fields talks all things Home & Garden

Planting your herbs after the threat of the last frost has past. Herbs can be started early indoors next to a window in appropriate pots.

Yellow leaves can mean many different things. Most notably that your plant is stressed. Be it disease, lack of a key nutrient or too much of another it is best to do research on that particular plant to pinpoint the issue.

A fresh coat of paint or sealant can go a long way to protecting your fence from the elements but securing the sections of the fence when they become loose will also go a long way to keeping your barrier in good shape.

While collecting clippings keeps the lawn neater and aides in preventing suffocation of the grass, if you do not regularly fertilize your lawn the clippings will provide a layer of decomposing organic matter, adding nutrients back into the soil.

By implementing an approved heating element into your gutter system you will keep all forms of water from freezing your drains shut.

Gardens are a wonderful way of subsidizing your fresh food and flower budget when the warm weather allows. Setting a budget will make sure you still keep enough resources to fully preserve your harvest so nothing goes to waste.

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