10 Tips to Contain Leaves this Fall

Have Both a Wide Plastic & Metal Pronged Leaf Rake

Both rakes have their places! Wide plastic rakes are great for moving large amounts of leaves onto a tarp laid out in your yard while a metal prong rake is great for cleaning out garden beds!

Check Your Tarp for Holes & Sturdiness Before You Use It!

Nothing worse than dragging your tarp out to your dump site and realizing you left a trail of leaves the entire way there!

Consider Hooking Up Your Tarp to Your Lawn Tractor!

Save your muscles for raking! Tow your collected leaves to your dump site by hooking your tarp up to the hitch on your lawnmower using rope or bungee chords.

Be Sure to Remove All Leaves From Around Your House!

Leaves around your house begin to rot and wreak havoc on your garden beds and can cause unwanted moisture buildup around your foundation.

Cover Your Pool Early!

While you may not want to admit that summer is over, covering your pool before the leaves start to fly will make sure that your pool goes without unwanted stains and sediment which you will just have to deal with next summer.

Consider Mowing Your Leaves Up!

Why not just run over your leaves a bunch of times and provide a layer of mulch for your grass to absorb nutrients from over the winter! Be sure to not leave any piles though. Matted leaves leave dead patches on your lawn.

Make a Party Out of It!

Invite your friends and family and have a leaf raking party! It’ll be great to catch up with them and it gets everyone outdoors and moving.

Compost Them!

Many tools exist to help you compost your leaves into nutrient rich soil to be used in your gardens. Leaf shredders are popular but a pile outback and a few turns with a shovel throughout the year will have you looking good in no time!

Hire an Organization for a Donation!

Consider reaching out to local Boy Scout Troops and other organizations to ask if they would be interested in helping in exchange for a donation to their cause!

Consider Helping out Elderly Neighbors

Many charitable organizations offer to help the elderly out with leaf raking in the fall time. Consider doing your part to help out our elders.