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Seasonal Checklists

Master Your To-Do List!

Here at Suffield Hardware we know exactly what Mother Nature throws at us in our area and how that affects your to-do list. Sign up here for tips, tricks, and checklists to make you Master of The Seasons!

Let’s turn that To-Do list into an Already-Done list, together.

Winter Projects Made Easy

Our staff walk through how they make their winter projects disappear!


Talking Shop

Expert advice and in-depth knowledge for all your projects

Understanding Your Warranty

Understanding your tool's warranty information doesn't require a Harvard Law degree. Our experts weigh in on the in's and out's of understanding, and utilizing your tool's warranty.

10 Tips to Contain Leaves this Fall

While the glorious Fall weather may have some pining for last minute vacations, there certainly is no shortage of yard work to be done! Maintain control of your property through efficient leaf management by utilizing our 10 tips to a leaf free lawn!

Selecting The Right Outdoor Grill

Get what you need, not what you don’t

With such a myriad of options and a laundry list of features, Weber Grills are the industry leaders in outdoor grilling. Follow along as our staff walks you through deciding what grill best fits your needs.